Best Bluestacks Alternatives For Windows PC & macOS

Best Bluestacks Alternatives – Android emulators have become a hot topic in recent years. Since android is gaining so much popularity in the past decade people always look for android emulators to use the android applications easily on their pc’s. Even though android smartphones are becoming cheap, more people are looking to use the android apps in windows pc and macbook for multiple reasons. Bluestacks being one of the topmost android emulators as they are popular and versatile. Nowadays people are looking for other bluestacks alternatives as they are facing some problems nowadays. It’s seen that the bluestacks emulator has been blocked by some antivirus and is longer stable. Even Though bluestacks is one of the first android emulators they are lacking some features that have now been a topic. But is there a replacement for bluestacks? Here we have listed out some Best bluestacks alternatives that would help you as a perfect android emulator.

What are Android Emulators?

Android Emulators are widely used to simulate devices which work on android like your mobile phones or tabs into the computer basically for testing it or to use them from the computer. The android emulator helps to use these apps in computers with all the features. The emulator helps to simulate incoming calls, messages, know location, test various sensors, and even use playstore. The advantage of emulators is that the app testing could be done in a faster way than in the device. Suppose you want to transfer data faster. Using an android emulator makes the transfer faster compared to usb transfer. 

Benefits of Android Emulators?

Nowadays almost 85% mobile devices are androids and hence Android emulators are getting so much attention. Instead of the past times, no one is sitting in front of pc’s for gaming or internet surfing as mobiles have taken over the place. Under these circumstances android emulators are gaining importance as everyone is looking for a bridge to connect between mobile and the pc. Millions of people are nowadays investing on android emulators for gaming, testing of apps, and much more. Complete platform virtualization for both hardware and software is the principle in which android emulators work. Let’s have a look at their advantages.

Using Android apps on your computer:  As we all know when it comes to the major benefit of emulators it helps us to use apps in google play store to our computer. There are bulky apps in playstore which could make the mobile devices go slow. But when you use an android stimulator you can simply use them in your computer.

Testing of apps:  Android Simulators are used to test bulky apps including games even before they are released on playstore. Apps like android studio could help you in texting games to find errors and their by making them better.

Viewing on large screens:  Viewing things larger could always change the perspective. When we use android emulators we can view a game or app on a big screen which would allow you to check small details that may be unavailable in mobile devices. The additional health benefit in this is that it helps to keep you head straight rather than bend to your phone to see the same.

Multitasking: Android emulators help to operate multiple apps at the same time giving the ability to multitask.  Imagine you are watching a video and at the same time having a conversation in whatsapp. How about having multiple game accounts on your pc? 

Better storage options: Everybody is now looking for better storage options. Compared to your mobile devices, your pc has better storage features. You can play your games at a better graphics level and you don’t have to worry about the storage. You can store your games and you don’t have to delete your favorite games to install something new. 

Battery life: While we continuously use our mobile for playing games or using apps the battery may have a negative effect. Excessive gaming could cause heating up your phone and reducing the battery life. When you are connected to an android emulator you don’t have to worry about any of this. You can play games with high end games without any lag and enjoy without any limitations.

Best Bluestacks Alternatives

1.Nox Player

best bluestacks alternatives

When you are looking for a bluestacks alternative, you may have heard about Nox player and its unique features. Nox player is widely known as a bluestacks alternative as it’s ideal to use in windows pc and mac. The Nox player has pre pre-installed with google play store and has an updated UI. Nox player outshines the bluestacks with its highly user friendly interface and unique game optimisations. If you are fond of playing games on pc by using a Nox player you can transfer the android game to pc and continue playing that game. The advantage of Nox is that it has gps feature and you would be able to play games which need gps location activated. 

The app is versatile and it’s able to change the android apparatus build. They are also helpful when any of your apps need a camera, especially in video calling. When we come back to gaming they support multiplayer features and have the feature to switch between games. Nox player has features like the Superuser app in which you will get access to the Root user. This helps to access files from your pc as a lot of apps work only will root access. The app works on all versions of android and it’s seen that its performance in mac is even faster than bluestacks, so is a strong bluestacks alternative.


best bluestacks alternatives

LD player is known as one of the best android emulators and a popular bluestacks alternative normally used to play pc games. They are now becoming popular as it allows them to run virtual android in their Laptops and pc’s alike. No matter if you have games that are not available in windows or mac, this app can help you in playing those specific games. They have updated gaming features like keyboard mapping controls, graphical support multi-instance, macros, and high FPS. Nowadays most people are interested in games like Call of duty, Pubg, Garena Free Fire, Clash of Clans and many more which are quite better to play in pc. For this feature we can use an LD player as it gives a better gaming experience and easy screen controls. They also have an inbuilt special pubg mode with better mouse acceleration and shooting features. You can simply download the LD player app by visiting their website. The app also has the feature of pre rooting which allows you to install rooted apps. The developers have shown interest in the LD player as it world alike in AMD and Intel processors. You will need a minimum requirement of 8 GB ram for installing the emulator and minimum of 2GB free space. The LD player also has active updates and also is favorable for multitasking. If you have a processor like Intel or AMD CPU Processor x86 / x86_64 with Windows DirectX 11 / Graphics driver with OpenGL 2.0 the LD player can show comparatively high grade performance.

3.MEmu Play

best bluestacks alternatives

Memu play has recently gained attention due to their better performance due to their faster gaming performance. Even though they are known for the android games they also have excellent frame rate. The best thing with the app is that it is free and also offers a stock android experience for the users. The emulator could be used alike from Android jelly bean to Naught like other bluestacks alternatives. They are known for having a range of keyboard mapping options which make sure the gaming experience is the best. In addition to this, memu play also gives dedicated settings for the keyboard to give a better gaming experience. The emulator is compatible with AMD and NVIDIA chipsets. You can download the memu play app from their website and start to install and use them. The app is easy to use and has a lot of customisations which you can make use of. The additional features of memu include multiple instance support for AMD and Intel chipsets, gamepad compatibility.


best bluestacks alternatives

Geny motion is considered as one of the top competitors of bluestacks when it comes to features and compatibility.  The emulator helps to test apps in various devices with various versions of android. They are compatible with Android, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. They are actually super friendly for developers as they have customised features for the developers. They can be used alike in laptops and in clouds, which is an added advantage compared to other bluestacks alternatives.. Genymotion has easy switching features between virtual devices. Compared to blue stack they support high definition which makes ideal for high end pc games.The app is mainly focused on developers and testers to test their apps in a safe virtual environment. The emulators which work on OpenGL 2.0 Technology  also support features like gps, gyroscope, and multitouch making in a versatile competitor for bluestacks. They also have the feature of taking screenshots by using the desktop cam which is an added advantage. As said earlier the emulator is specifically made for developers and  it provides full-support to devices for a beta application.


best bluestacks alternatives 2020

You might have heard of the company named tencent as we are familiar with pubg game. They earlier had the emulator named Tencent gaming buddy which is now renamed to gameloop.

Even Though Tencent has launched these emulators for their games like Call of duty and pubg mobile versions they are gaining more popularity. If you are a pubg player and you want to play the android version on PC, then this is the right tool for you. You don’t have to create a customised account, while you can just register and start playing. Apart from these games they are also good for playing games like fortnite and GTA making it a better bluestacks alternative. You won’t see any fancy or heavy features in this emulator as it’s UI is simple and is more focused towards gaming experiance. The emulator is not so friendly for developers but is really worth it for gamers.. GameLoop android emulator latest 2019 version for pc is the best for playing Pubg Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile. The emulator now supports multiple languages including english and chinese.

6.Remix OS Player

best bluestacks alternatives 2021

Remix os player is one of the  emulators for the Windows operating system. For those who are still using X86 and ARM architectures Remix os players are a boon. If you have a highly configured system this is just the emulator to you. They are slowly climbing the market due to their innovative user interface and ability to support almost every android app. The app lets Android developers optimize their apps for windows pc along the multiple window support. They have awesome features like button mapping and native google support. It is compatible with most pc’s, if you have a 4GB RAM and 8GB storage you can use the Remix os player. When it comes to stability they always have an upper hand making it a better competitor among bluestacks alternatives. You will have a large catalogue of apps and the emulator is compatible with more adaptations

7.Andy Android Emulator

Andy Android Emulator

Andy emulator works as a bridge between pc and mobile applications. Gamers are utilising Andy as a bluestacks alternative If you are opening a ppt on your laptop and you want to play Clash of clans with your favorite playlist in the background, this is the emulator you are looking for. Record emulator screen feature helps you in recording screens to make videos which is one of its coolest features. The emulator works perfectly for windows and mac users by providing you unlimited storage options. It requires a free space of 20 GB in your pc for the emulator to work perfectly. You can make your mobile phone to work as a joystick to play the games on pc which is quite an innovative technology. This will help to do gaming with features like multitouch and gyroscope. They are not ideal for pc’s which have less than 3GB RAM as the working will not be that much efficient. If you have the windows 7, 8 or 8.1 the Andy emulator will show better performance.



Amiduos was developed in the United States with a motto of establishing a seamless connection between PC and mobile phones. Amiduos has a very quick setup feature directly from gmail and playstore. The emulator creates the feel of a full Android environment, complete with mouse, keyboard and audio support. The emulator allows 1 month free trial, so that you can run your android apps and if you like the emulator you can simply download that.The emulator works perfect for almost all types of windows versions and you can install the app with a 2GB free space in the drive. The emulator is an open course one as it supports platforms like Android, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS, and Linux. Amiduos shows decent performance with mouse and trackpad, but the best performance is shown in touch screen. They offer stellar support to android sensors which is quite an advantage when compared to similar emulators making it a strong competitor among bluestacks alternatives.. You can use the shared folders option to share files between android and windows. The emulator works fine for apps like whatsapp to huge games like Pubg or far cry. The paid account has even more benefits if you are willing to take one. 


bliss emulator

If you are looking for an open source emulator then bliss could be a better choice for you. The interesting thing about this emulator is that  it can flash run your computer through an usb flash drive. Bliss has unique themes and customisations when compared to similar emulators. While other emulators are  Android on Windows, Bliss OS is an Android OS and needs to be installed separately for full functioning.Bliss has these power saving options which could save battery life. The app also supports high security features for which regular updates are also given. The system could run in almost all versions of android making it a better bluestacks alternative. The bliss is suitable for large screens and shows enhanced compatibility with ARM/ARM64 apps.In addition to games the bliss stimulator shows excellent performance for high end apps including Adobe Draw, Autodesk Sketchbook, Android TV, and much more.

10.Droid4x Official

best bluestacks alternatives

Droid4X is an android emulator developed for windows pc to run mobile apps, especially games. The app is popular as a robust and reliable emulator with decent performance in pc. The best thing with Droid4x is that they are best with touchscreen pc’s. The emulator supports almost all games in the playstore and is a strong bluestacks alternative. Gamers would really love this simulator as it supports keyboard and gamepad for the quick configuration of games. The emulator even allows you to download the app directly and have customised controls as per needs. Droid 4x shows good performance in Windows and Mac OS X. The emulator shows best performance on computers with 20gb free space and 4GB ram. If you haveOpenGL ES 2.0 Capable Video Card the emulator will show better performance especially in gaming. 


Android emulators

Android x86 is considered as one of the efficient android emulators and hence a strong bluestacks alternative. It is an easy to use emulator and a bluestacks alternative. The emulator is popular among data analysts and programmers due to its versatile use. The developers use this emulator due to the feature that allows you to test the feature of the apps of different versions of the android. It provides the feel of native OS, simultaneously while giving up the chance to run Android OS within the pc. The emulator also has additional features like an option to test the OS with the help of a LiveCD. You can also use root based apps on your pc by using the Android X86 emulator. 


best bluestacks alternatives

Koplayer is comparatively a new android emulator in the market which is considered as a free bluestacks alternative. The gaming experience with this emulator is top class. The emulator is easy to download and easy to use also. Since it’s good for gaming you can run more than a million apps on the pc. The emulator gives you the provision of playing games with gamepad and keyboard.  In addition to this the players will have the option to record the gameplay whenever they need and upload it anywhere. The toolbar gives you the option of volume adjustment. The built in video recorder will help you to record the screen and you can view that whenever you like. Since the app is free and simple to use it’s a good bluestacks alternatives


Android emulators

Windroy is an emulator which moreover works like an operating system which is a strong bluestacks alternative. You can simultaneously chat with anyone and play your favorite games. The emulator also has features like scale windows, testing applications, and high quality graphics emulation. The emulator is currently available for both windows and mac users. Windroy supports almost all screen resolutions and the usage of keyboard, mouse alike. It is always a great choice for creators or skilled computer users. The problem with windroy is actually it doesn’t have any direct access to google play and we cannot update the apps regularly.


best bluestacks alternatives

Youwave has been in limelight for a long period of time. It is considered as one of the strong bluestacks alternatives available for windows 7, 8 and XP.  If you are a game geek you will surely love this app as it supports multiplayer online games You and your gang can play your games online without interruption. It is easy to download and install but currently it is only available for Windows users. In addition to this it has an inbuilt app store from which you can purchase your desired android apps. The android emulator has a sophisticated filing system that helps  to quickly locate files by giving a traceable path. The emulator has a user friendly interface and additional tools like altering your pc location. If you are looking for a simple android emulator this one is perfect for you. If you have a processor above Intel Pentium 1.6GHz CPU, 2GB RAM and above 500 mb freespace the Youwave will show better performance.


best bluestacks alternatives

Qemu is an android emulator which is available in windows, mac and linux versions like other similar bluestacks alternatives. Qemu or Quick emulator is a good alternative for bluestacks and it’s an open source android emulator. Since the visualisation is quite simple you can use KVM & Xen machines as the QEMU application has stellar performance. Qemu emulator has other stunning features like multiple operating modes such as System emulation, User-mode emulation, and KVM. In the latest version it supports GDB stubs in order to debug the kernel and application workflow. It also supports the feature of emulation for user-level processes which helps applications compiled for one architecture to run on another.


best bluestacks alternatives

Dolphin android emulator is an older version of android emulator. Even if it did not support any bigger games, you can use it for playing simple games and using apps in pcs. Since it’s popular in windows, android has also adopted them. The emulator works well with MAC, Linux and windows versions and is well known for its user friendly interface. It only needs minimum requirements to work, that is even if you are using a basic system it would work for you. The interesting and helpful feature of this emulator is the action replay feature. You can replay the gaming actions if you find your gaming partner has cheated on you in the game. The app was initially launched to play gamecube games and wii remotes but now have quickly become a contender in bluestacks alternatives.


best bluestacks alternatives

Amiga OS is one of the latest entries to market with updated features. The emulator helps to play android games in pcs. The android emulator supports peripherals like camera, microphone and speakers. Amiga os also supports open gl and acceleration of hardware which is an added advantage. The emulator is now available for free and with excited features. Amigaos is expected to become a better bluestacks alternative in the future.

Final Thoughts

Bluestacks was a very good android emulator for a longtime but now is getting a lot of negative reviews from users all around the globe. Here we have addressed a few bluestacks alternatives that would help you in seamlessly enjoying the benefits of a perfect emulator. If you are facing troubles while playing your favorite game on your mobile or wish to have a better gaming experience you can certainly choose an android emulator. Some of these bluestacks alternative are paid versions. We suggest you to download the free and trial versions of these android emulators and to check yourself. Once you use the trail versions you would understand which is the one that suits your requirements and move forward with that. Try these bluestacks alternatives and let us know your reviews.