Best Money Earning Apps That Pay You Money 

Money earning apps are now ruling the world as we have to depend one or other in our everyday life. How about making money through apps that pay you real money? You heard it right! Making money online has now become a trend. Most people during this pandemic are searching for extra money online and the search term ‘ how to earn money online’ has become a world wide trend. People are searching for easy money from home and they are in search of earning apps which could help them in gaining money. Money gaining has become easy as just by downloading the money making apps and going online could help you in gaining some money. The average time we spend online has increased rapidly and this has made brands to focus on getting user data by using this. Earning from mobile as you hear would be a weird thing but as you go downloading these apps you may find them useful. 

The money you obtain would be either by paypal, or my website coupons or as rewards. You can earn referral points by sending it to your friends or by downloading apps from playstore. Some money earning apps could give you some tasks or you may have to put reviews for it, the types could be different but you can certainly make some money. These money earning apps won’t make you rich but certainly will give some money in your pockets. The apps that pay real money could be available in both android and Ios versions. Here we are pointing out some of the earning apps to make money, in simple ways. Let’s have a look at it.

Money Earning Apps That Pay You Money 

1.Google Opinion Rewards

You definitely might have heard of google opinion rewards the review based program launched by google on android and Ios versions. The Google Opinion Rewards app works by letting  people answer a few survey questions and once you are able to answer those questions you would get Google Play credits in return. The app to make money was created by Google Consumer Surveys and is focused on quick surveys. You can simply answer a short survey while travelling or making food from your smartphones to get reward to your google play or paypal. The surveys may happen frequently or every week. 

Best Mobile apps that pay you money

The advantage of this online money earning apps is that you can get google play credits with which you could buy paid versions of apps from google play store. You might have remembered last time when google asked to choose a name with N for the latest android update at that time. The survey wouldn’t usually take that much time as it would be finished with in 20 seconds maximum.You can just login using your google login and by just giving  location access you can start using the app, so simple as that. For Ios users they have the feature for sending credits to paypal also. 


Swagbucks apps to make money

Swagbucks is an American rewards and loyalty-program which helps you to earn money. The online money earning apps has given about 470 million dollars till now to people as rewards which is a whopping amount. You don’t need that much huge capital or time to earn money and just by using a mobile phone you can get rewards without any scam. You would get free gifts and cashback on every purchase you make. By watching videos online, shopping, scanning barcodes, daily polls, online surveys or by answering simple questions you can win SB points. The SB points work in the way like if you gain 100 SB points you would get 1 dollar. Instead of this you can choose amazon coupons or paypal which also is an added advantage. You can gain upto 100 dollars a day by using swagbucks and even by spending 10 minutes you could gain a couple of dollars for sure. You can grocery coupons,retail store coupons by following these simple tasks.


money earning apps

Playment app comes with the caption ‘you play you win’ is a easy to use app that could help you earn money. You can do easy tasks to earn money through website or mobile and this could help you in earning upto 20000 rupees. The advantage of the online money earning apps is that you can redeem as paytm voucher or as flipkart coupons. The startup is based in bangalore and as of now it’s available only in India. The tasks are simple identifying color, identity type of shoes and similar things. In a minute these tasks would help you in gaining 1 point and you could be able to achieve almost 50 points per day. If you spend just 30 minutes online you can get money for watching a movie, which is worth it right. The online money earning apps is simple to use and you can start earning even while travelling.  All you need to do is just login with your facebook and start doing the tasks, you don’t have to give any advance or other payments for using the online money earning apps.


Ipoll eran money online

Ipoll is a mobile survey app published by a company called  Instantly, Inc. which helps you in gaining money by just taking online surveys. You can simply download the app from playstore and on registering the online money earning apps you would be able to start the online survey. You can choose what type of survey you are going to do by answering a few questions. The first survey would be basically related to your shopping hobbies or related simple things and on the completion of that itself you can earn $0.50 which is a good reward for less than 5 minutes. On the future surveys you could get rewards on amazon or paypal which you can spend to buy things. They have high security features that all the information we give to them would be safe. There will be simple missions in the app like testing a particular product or visiting a store and on the completion of the mission you would get rewards. The advantages of the online money earning apps is that it’s simple to use and the more you use you will get more rewards for sure.


apps that pay you real money

If you regularly do online shopping then Rakuten is a good option for you, which was earlier known as  Ebates. The business model of Rakuten is simple as they get referral commission if you purchase from a particular store, the company will share a percentage of their commission to us. The rewards may vary according to the stores you purchase from and they have partnerships with thousands of stores which could help you in gaining a handsome amount of real money.  They will update the balance into your paypal account once in three month, which is an added advantage. Rakuten also gives you discount coupons on stores from all over which will help you to save money.

 If you purchase via Rakuten website or by downloading Rakuten app you would get extra benefits like discounts, free samples and much more. If you link your credit card to your Rakuten account on every purchase you may from the nearest brick and mortar stores, you would get cashback and rewards. You could get real money while shopping without any extra efforts. They also offer a $25 reward if you refer a customer to them. The promo code the Rakuten gives to you can save you from 10% to above on every purchase. Another cool thing is that Rakuten has links with travel websites that could save you huge money on flights and tours.


android apps that pay you money

Ibotta is an earning app that pays real money which gives you rewards and cash backs as you purchase through them. Whether you purchase online or instore through Ibotta app you could get instant rewards and cashbacks. No matter whether you purchase groceries, daily needs,pet food, clothes or other accessories you can get rewards instantly and all you need would be a mobile. You can also get rewards online if you book hotels, flights or make an online purchase. Inside the mobile app there would be an offers section which helps you to know about the latest offers. You can also gain rewards by answering questions, participating in quick polls or even by a simple facebook share. You can use the redeem method, loyalty cards or visit Ibotta retail stores to get your benefits. The Ibotta app helps you to keep track of the orders you make and the rewards would be credited to you instantly. You can withdraw your money through the life time saving section on the app. Ibotta is actually not just a online money earning apps but would help you in earning real money wherever you go shopping.


money earning apps

Drop is an effective and easy to use app that would help you in gaining rewards by spending in the normal way you do. All you have to do is simply add your debit and credit card to the drop app and simply start spending in the way you normally do. When you download and install the online money earning apps you would be said to select your favorite brands. You must make sure that you would only select the brands that you purchase frequently as it would enhance the chances of winning rewards. 

Once you do that you would receive some instant Drop points which you can use for later. While you use your cards anywhere automatically this drop points would increase and once you reach a minimum 5000 points you would be able to convert that rewards to gift cards on your favorite websites. If you choose bigger companies like walmart or starbucks the chances of getting these rewards could be high. Gaining reward points is effortless here, as you don’t want to do any surveys or answer any questions. There is a large level of selection for rewards as it is available for a number of brands making it more versatile. The best thing is that you can use the rewards to even charge netflix! How about watching your favorite show for free by just spending money in the way you normally do? 


Earny earn money

Earny apps are quite similar to drop app as it gives you rewards on every purchase you make. Earny works as an android money making app that pays you money and as a website extension that could help you in saving some amount of money which may extend upto almost 20%. If you register in an earny app and are purchasing an item from a website say amazon. Then a condition comes to have a price drop in the above item, then earny could help you get some amount as refund and that could help you say bye to your frustration. Earny will always keep tracking your amazon orders and will make sure that you get notifications of the price drop. Once you download the online money earning apps you have to give permission for the app to read your emails and reply on behalf. But don’t worry as this is 100% safe. The money making app primarily focuses on price reductions and if you purchase frequently through amazon this could be the best pick for you. In addition to price protection earny app has other great features like amazon late shipping feature which enables you to get money back if the package is getting late. This has got great relevance as it’s one of the easiest ways to get money back. Earny app has a feature called watch list which helps you to get alerts on price drop of products which you wish to buy. Earny online money earning apps have other features like referrals and rewards of hotel booking which can be considered as additional advantages. 


Mistplay-App earning app

Mistplay is one of the best money making apps that helps to earn money just by playing games. It’s not a game but if you play games through misplay you would get rewards which could bring you real money. The game developers give commission to mistplay and we will get a certain amount as our reward. You can simply download the mistplay earning app from the playstore to give it certain permissions and you are good to go. You can play a number of games through mistplay with different playtimes. There will be certain missions or targets for each game and you have to complete them. Once you complete the game, you have to submit a small summary about the gaming experience by answering the questions. These points you earn while playing the game is called Game Experience Points or simply GXP.  If you are able to get more gxp you could earn more rewards. These rewards could be redeemed at your favorite online stores as gift cards. The Mistplay has other features like you can interact with your friends and compete with those people to get rewards. If you use mistplay daily for some time you can earn weekly rewards. The mistplay launches big events occasionally and if you are lucky enough you can win bigger prices. 


apps that pay real money

How about getting free rewards by just unlocking the phone, slidejoy works just as the way. You can download the money making app from playstore and just install it. After the installation you may see static ads without sound on the screen. By viewing these ads you get a passive source of income. The ads coming would be the latest news and you don’t have to do anything just leave it. This is one of the easiest ways of gaining money in terms of money earning apps. You can choose gift cards from amazon, walmart or your favorite brand. Anyway the platform is currently not available for IOS. The average range of earned money we can obtain would be almost $5 to $15.

11.Surveys on the go

Surveys on the go

As the name suggests the money making app itself is based on surveys. It is a market research tool which gives money based on the opinions. You may have to attend surveys on different topics like news, entertainment, sports, shopping or any relevant topics. You may have to give the location permission to the app so that they can provide surveys based on your geographical locations. The money making app values the opinion of people and you can participate in any survey on a daily basis.You can join the surveys and on the completion of each survey you can get $1 daily. As the survey progresses you can earn more money and when it reaches about $10 you can withdraw them through your paypal account. They ensure high security to your data and you don’t have to worry about the security.

12.Sweat coin

money earning apps

Sweat coin is different from all the above money earning apps. Here you will get rewards according to the steps you have walked. You heard it right, you can earn money just by walking. The app gives you money as well and promotes the importance of exercise also. The app targets your daily physical activities and counts the steps that you have walked to provide you money in return. Once you download the app from playstore just install it by adding your details and guess what the app will start working. It could track your outdoor activities as well as indoor activities and for 1000 steps you would get 0.95 sweatcoins. By gathering these coins you can buy your favorite gadgets,clothes or other stuff. The best thing is that when you are looking to be fit or be in shape this app to make money also

13.Mobee App

money earning apps

When you shop or dine out in your favorite places Mobee app gives you rewards. The mobee app has missions like visiting nearby grocery stores or to dine out in a restaurant or to trail your favorite dress and on the successful completion of the course you would be rewarded. In each mission you may have to answer surveys or click photographs inside the store.If you are US just pick up tha app and you have 1000s of missions all over the country regardless of stores and restaurants. On the completion of each mission the rewards would be credited to your account within the next 48 hours. The missions are usually local and are easy to do also. You can simply login with your facebook account and start your mission


money earning apps

We are gaining rewards using credit cards by spending them in shopping or purchasing online. Dosh also works in the same procedure by helping us to gain rewards by spending in normal ways. You can download the dosh app from playstore and then simply link your credit card to the app. You can earn cash backs simply by purchasing through the credit cards in stores like Walmart, shoe carnival and walgreens. When you purchase through your credit card, you will get a reward of minimum 2% to 3% and this is accumulated as your dosh rewards and in the end you can simply get these rewards through your bank account or paypal account and this could be done once you accumulate a minimum of $25. The Money making apps that pay real money helps you gain extra rewards on each of your purchases and you don’t have to run behind any missions. 


money earning apps

How about getting some money by selling unwanted stuff in your home without much effort. You can just download the app to make money by using your mobile camera. You could take photos of unwanted or old stuff and you will get genuine money by selling them. By using the barcode scanner in the earning app just point it out to your game consoles,cd, books,smartphones or wearables and you will get instant valuation. The app doesn’t work as a platform to share old things, but the app itself will give you money by collecting the stuff from you and you don’t have to run behind this. The money earning app also gives you the provision of save for later if you are not interested in selling that respective item as of now. If you have completed the order and just pack the item carefully in a box. The company will send you a free shipping label via email which you attach on the top of the box. Once this is completed bring the box to the nearest shipping location and that’s it. You can simply gain money by selling your old stuff without any hassle.

16.Foap App

Foap App eran app money

Do you like to take photos and videos on your smartphone? Then you can get a chance of getting money using a foap app. Don’t worry! Even if you are not a professional photographer it doesn’t matter. If you are taking better photographs you could certainly get some money. The foap app could be considered as a platform where you can sell your photos. Through the website or by just downloading the app from play store or itunes you can upload your photos. Once you upload the photos, other people including bloggers, companies or anyone can purchase directly from the website and you would be paid. The photo’s may get a reward of $10 and from this 50% wents to the foap app and you can get the remaining. You can create your own portfolio in a foap app and once you create a better one, more brands would be interested in buying your photos. The foap app also has missions and contests which you can takepart and the starting prize may be from $100 which is a better way to gain money. 

17.Fiverr app

Fiverr app earn money

Many of them have heard of fiverr app as it’s the home ground of freelancers. It’s one of the world’s largest freelancing platforms at about 3 million gigs. You may be a graphic designer, writer, developer, or even if known simply to type you can earn money within your home. You can post your gig on the service you provide and once a buyer is interested you can get the work. As the work is completed you will get reward through the app itself. Usually the gig starts from $5 to $10,000 and even though the starting price is less going on you can get better money. It’s not hard as it seems as it’s a legit way of gaining money. You can simply login with facebook account or gmail to start working. Fiverr is used by millions of people as it’s a way to showcase your skills too.


money making apps

Lucktastic app is available in both android and ios versions which helps you in gaining money through scratch cards. The app was primarily available on us and it’s free to download. The scratch card could help you in gaining upto $10,000 which is a handsome amount of money. Before every game you have to watch 30 sec ads and once you finish watching the ad you can start playing the game. Lucktastic app has weekly and monthly contents in which you can participate for free in addition to the daily rewards. While completion of each game you would get tokens which could be transferred to get real money. You can get 1000 tokens if you can refer your friends. You don’t have to add any advances or do any payments and the chances of winning are high. 

19. Raise

apps to make money

What comes to your mind when you hear that you can gain money by selling gift coupons? Just the exact way raise works as it’s a top gift coupon exchanging platform. The gift cards could be physical or digital that you can exchange with people for a discounted price. The amount of money you receive would be according to the brand and the discount that you can offer. You can find everyday deals on your favorite restaurants,stores and effortlessly redeem your cards in them. The best thing with the app is that you can gain almost 85% money on your gift cards which is high compared to other similar sites. The raise app has the provision to buy and sell gift cards which is quite easy. You can search for the store which you wish to buy a gift card and just select your required item from the list which appears. The referral system helps in gaining $5 on the first purchase by your friends and family. The App that pays real money also provides a cash back guarantee if your gift card is not active.

19.App Trailers

best money making apps

App trailers help you gain rewards by watching app trailers and similar videos. It is the perfect place to invest your freetime and theirs by getting legitimate money. Once you install and login the app you can start viewing the videos. After viewing each video rewards will be accumulated in the money making app which you can use later. You will also get rewards for brands like paypal,target and amazon. Even in signing up you can earn 5 points and when you refer a friend you would get 100 points. When you get 500 points in the app you can transform it to paypal. You can get a 5 dollar gift on 5000 points which you can use while purchasing online. The app user interface is simple and if you invest more of your time here you can gain good money. The videos will be at minimum of 25seconds and you can earn 10 points each time.  


We usually spend a lot of time on our phones but may have never thought to make money for free by using them. Now you may have understood that there are a lot of money earning apps that could help you in gaining real money without any spam. If you have some time and internet to spare you can get rewards for shopping groceries, online purchases and much more. Majority of people fall into spams  rather than looking for legitimate money earning apps which are already available. Since the lockdown many people are searching for money earning apps to add an extra source of income to them. In The above list a few money earning apps could even help you in gaining gift coupons even if you don’t perform any tasks. The best thing with these coupons is you spend them online as well as brick and mortar stores. Even though the money you gain through these money earning apps will not be heavy, you will get legitimate money without spending any money as investment. Think positive and use your time positively.