Best Porter Cable Orbital Sander (Find the Best One for You)

Porter Cable is just another leading brand in the world of orbital sanders, but for a really good reason. Their products offer superior quality to all sorts of needs and use.

They’re really loved by the users, among which are many of professionals who even decide to use Porter cable orbital sanders for their personal use when they’re not working in their workshop.

In this post, you’ll find your next best Porter Cable orbital sander without any complications. We reviewed all the products for you, laid out the facts and combined reviews from other people who are already using the products themselves.

All you have to do is make a choice and have a happy sanding time.

Best Porter Cable Orbital Sanders

  1. Porter Cable 382 Orbital Sander

Porter Cable 382 is the most famous orbital sander model from their brand. It comes with many professional-grade features that can be seen only with commercial sanders.

Therefore, it didn’t take a long time for users to realize the quality and power of 382 model. Considering the price it sells for, it’s a no-brainer situation if you’re in a need of a new orbital sander.

Best Porter Cable Orbital Sander

Power– This is a palm operated orbital sander which is really wisely built in order to maximize the power through both sanding speed and smooth finish, but also to let users have a full control over the sander every second of use.

Durable Construction– In order to get what you pay for, Porter Cable has built 382 orbital sanders 100% from ball bearing construction in order to maximize its lifespan, offer durability and reliability when users need it the most.

Control– For the best finishing system, 382 orbital sander comes with a controllable finishing system that maintains the pad speed along with gouging during startup. Users don’t have even a single thing to worry about, yet enjoy the process which won’t take a lot of their energy.

Improved Switch– What gives away the first on orbital sanders is the switch. However, the switch on 382 orbital sanders is double sealed in order to provide better lifespan, durability, and reliability. Also, the whole device is dust-sealed so no dust comes into the power tool and shortens its lifespan.

Dust Bag– In order to keep yourself as productive as possible, you won’t have to spend time cleaning the dust every single time after you finish using the orbital sander. Dust bag will collect all debris and dust, and you only have to empty it before after every use.


  • Dual plane counter
  • Really comfortable to use
  • Great control and power ratio
  • Dust-proof
  • Collects dust efficiently
  • Really affordable price


  • It lacks a bit of power

2. Porter Cable 380 Sheet Orbital Palm Sander

This sander is very similar to the previous 382 model, however, even though there are many differences, the main one is that this is a sheet orbital sander.

Best Porter Cable Orbital Sander

However, depending on your needs, this might be an even better option for a very affordable price, so it’s up to you to decide whether you’d give it a try.

Reduces User Fatigue– The whole orbital sander body is being rubberized and rugged with a material that is designed to reduce vibration, improve control, and overall – reduce user fatigue. If you would love to sand for hours in order to finish your project on time, this is the right sander to go for.

Powerful Motor– The 2.0 amp motor Porter Cable has added to this sheet orbital sander is powerful enough to move the disc at 13,500 OPM, which will result, as you can guess in a superior finish. There’s definitely no room for error.

Counter-Balanced Design– At first look, this sheet orbital sender might look pretty standard, but its body is designed with one thing in mind. In order to reduce vibration, the weight is counter-balanced throughout the design in order to reduce user fatigue and improve control during even the heaviest sanding tasks.

Dust Protection– Not only this sander comes with a dust collection bag that will keep your workspace clean at any time, but it is also designed to protect the orbital sander itself from the surrounding dust. 


  • Designed to reduce user fatigue
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to control
  • Dust-sealed protection
  • Dust bag collector
  • Counter-balanced design for low-vibration
  • Really great price


  • It’s louder than most sheet orbital sanders

3. Porter Cable 6-inch Orbit Sander with Polishing Pad

When you need a sander and polisher, it’s a wise decision to go for a 2-in-1 power tool such as Porter Cable 6-inch orbit sander that comes with a polishing pad,

You can get both for the price of almost one orbit sander, which is incredible.

Best Porter Cable Orbital Sander

Variable Speed– You can choose any speed between 2,500 and 6,800 OPM to match all your necessary sanding tasks at the right speed. Also, if you decide to use this sander as a polisher, this really comes handy.

6-inch Counter Balance– To experience the fullest control over your sanding process, no matter what speed you’re using, the 6-inch counter-balance handle is always there for you to help yourself out. Not only you will gain more control, but also more traction.

Accepts Various Accessories– You won’t ever have to worry about getting the right accessories for this orbit sander. You can simply use any 5/16 – 24 spindle thread accessories you can find on the market. It makes it pretty versatile that it’s a really affordable option for people who are on a tight budget.

Two Positions– Removable side handle can be positioned at both left and right side in order to make this orbit sander suitable for both left handed and right handed people, which is pretty convenient of Porter Cable


  • Powerful motor
  • Variable speed
  • 2-in-1 power tool
  • Accepts various thread accessories
  • Suitable for both left and right-handed people
  • Built with durability in mind
  • Offers a lot of value for the price it costs


  • It’s pretty heavy

4. Porter Cable 5″ Cordless Random Orbital Sander (3-Pack)

If you don’t really like wires and find them doing more bad than good for your work, why not go with the cordless random orbital sander such as Porter Cable cordless random orbital sander?

It’s a pack of 3 cordless orbital sanders which are really well priced, so either get your friends together and buy it together, buy it for your workshop, or take all 3 for yourself and use them one after another.

Detachable Dust Bag– For efficient dust-free workspace, Porter Cable has added a detachable dust bag that is really convenient at collecting dust. All you have to do is empty it and you’re ready to go again.

Low Profile– In order to get the most out of the sanding process, this Porter Cable cordless sander is designed in a low profile way to offer better control & traction during the process itself.

Rubber Grip– Almost complete sander is covered in a rubberized grip that doesn’t only feel great in hands, but also serves to reduce vibration and offer more control even in the slippery conditions.

Dustproof Switch– To ensure that the sander offers the longest lifespan possible to the users, Porter Cable has created a dustproof switch that offers a professional durability.


  • Great price for a pack of 3 sanders
  • Low profile for better opportunities
  • Dustproof for a longer lifespan
  • Decent-sized dust collecting bag
  • Rubberized grip for most comfort


  • Battery and battery charger are sold separately

5. Porter Cable 7345 5″ Random Orbit Sander

This 7345 random orbit sander from Porter Cable is very similar to a few other models, however, like any other product, it has its advantages and disadvantages you’ll find here.

Best Porter Cable Orbital Sander

4.5 Amp Motor– This isn’t the most powerful motor Porter Cable puts inside their random orbit sanders, however, it’s a very strong motor that will provide even hours of heavy sanding tasks. It can last for long without overheating or losing momentum and efficiency.

Adjustable Speed– Not every sanding task is the same, and therefore, Porter Cable understand the value of it since they’ve added an adjustable speed feature. You can set the speed anywhere between 2,500 and 6,800 OPM to find the right speed and efficiency balance for your tasks.

Counter Balance– For the best counterbalance that will provide more control and traction, there is a 5″ proprietary counter balance which you can use with either sanding or polishing pad. This way, you will get the most power and efficiency from the sander without sacrificing control or comfort. 

Comfort– As mentioned earlier, Porter Cable users don’t have to sacrifice the comfort no matter what. The design itself and the way rubberized padding is placed is directly made for users to benefit, resulting in the best comfort and control no matter the speed you’re sanding at.


  • Customized design for most comfort
  • Really comfortable to use
  • Control and comfort aren’t sacrificed
  • Decent motor to handle most tasks
  • Can be used with a polishing pad
  • Price is reasonable


  • The cord isn’t very long


Porter Cable is rated as one of the most qualified companies that produce really valuable and affordable orbital sanders.

They have different kinds and models, and it’s up to you to find the one that suits your needs the most.

However, whatever you choose to go with, you won’t regret it, especially considering the value to price ratio.