Fairfax Hair Energizer Review

Fairfax Hair Energizer Review

I am so sorry it has been so long time to review a product I had a busy schedule with the office work I could not find time to publish a new review. Now I have a question for both men and women do you rally face hair loss or hair fall or other hair related issues in your daily life? I was surprised about getting a lot of messages from both men and women who send how to get a solution from hair related issues. Hence am lucky when I find an amazing product that would solve the entire hair related issues


There are a lot of the reason behind the hair loss and reduce the density of the hair. I am not going to mention other issues like frizz and discoloration. Most of these hair loss issues are related to a bad lifestyle and lack of protein and work-related pressure and stress. Now, when I mention maintenance it is not mean you need to spend hours together on your hair and spend a lot of money on them (it’s not feasible for most of the people)

Thanks to the product Purplle.com, I am surprised when I discover this product and I need to try the new product for my hair “Fairfax Hair Energizer” which the product clean will resolve the issues related to the hair loss and fall and make your hair of better quality.since. I do not review products simply like that, I just ask the Purplle.com to give me some time to figure out the changes which occur in my hair. I did use it almost one month from now, before providing you instantaneous expectations and demanding that you get all your hair back, I would like to tell you that i have natural and long hair but few months before I really face hair-fall issues.


Fairfax Hair Energizer is a very tiny and easy to carry when you are traveling the Fairfax Hair Energizer bottle which just requires to be used after a shower. All you just need to do use the Fairfax Hair Energizer just 2-3 drops in the 4-5 liters of water or you can simply follow the instruction written in the manual

Here are a few topics I crossed when I addressed this product

Did it reduce my hair-fall ???

But really not much, however definitely you can see a lot of differences when you use it daily for a couple of months it has certainly improved the quality of the hair.there are few things I would deliver me but this product again, one it is not creamy or oily and other one its herbal product which is pretty safe for your hair. The demands are original extracts and the company is vegan so no pets were hurt throughout the making of this product (who doesn’t love pets ?? 🙂 

Fairfax Hair Energizer Review


How was the fragrance ?? did it smell wrong ??

No, it doesn’t specifically have an odor and that is the most important thing I admire about it

How do I apply it?

  • Just combine few dips to 4-5 liters of water
  • Wash your hair with it (should be done after shampooing)
  • Rinse your hair following few minutes
Fairfax Hair Energizer Review


Is it worth buying the product?

I would definitely say yes because Fairfax Hair Energizer hair loss product has several oils from various sources and because they are natural it would effect you no harm. Additionally, do keep in brain that anything natural would demand time to give whatever change .. Just be patient for a couple of months!

Fairfax Hair Energizer, here are a few pros and cons to support you decide whether to buy the product:

Pros :

1. Herbal and Vegan Fairfax Hair Energizer Product

2. Fairfax Hair Energizer has natural oils and is not creamy

3. Fairfax Hair Energizer Does not smell unless

4. Fairfax Hair Energizer Comes in a travel-friendly packaging

5. Fairfax Hair Energizer gives a beautiful shine

6.Fairfax Hair Energize does not look greasy and hair fall does reduce a bit

Fairfax Hair Energizer Review


Cons :

1. Fairfax Hair Energize is Little on the pricey side, but you can constantly follow Purplle.com as they have astonishing sales

2.Fairfax Hair Energize availability is more limited

3.Fairfax Hair Energize Less awareness about this product

Price: INR 600/-

Rating: 4/5

You can always get Fairfax Hair Energizer here.

Have you used it ?? Did you see a change ? Let me know