What Are SEO Backlinks & Advantages of SEO Backlinks?

The digital world around us is changing rapidly and everything has come online. If you are aware of the digital changes out there you may have heard of the term backlinks. Google algorithm has heavy dependence on this meri term backlinks. Backlinks, inbound links, external links and link building are doing the process of bringing other website links to your website. When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation or simply SEO backlinks is the most used name. Even though we may have heard a lot about backlinks we may not know exact knowledge about them. Here we are trying to explain about backlinks in SEO and their advantages.

What are Backlinks? 

Backlinks are normally known in other names like inbound links, incoming links or one way links which are the links from one page to another website. Backlinks could be termed as “votes” for specific pages according to google, bing and other search engines. If your page has a higher number of backlinks, automatically your website has higher rankings on organic search. Obtaining backlinks whether across authoritative sites or in web directories remains a crucial strategy in SEO while they help to attract more audience to your website. 

What are the different types of Backlinks? 

Backlinks could be considered as the symbol of someone is viewing your content as per the google. According to the impacts there are different types of backlinks. You have to  focus on building authoritative, relevant, trustworthy links if you are looking to get better google rankings. When it comes to types of backlinks, there are a lot of types. Let’s have a look at some of the important types of backlinks.

Editorial Backlinks: An editorial link could be created by good content and effective marketing techniques. Editorial links are normally considered as the part of a strong link profile. They cannot be considered as paid links or directly requested like the acquired links. They are resulted from sites having better marketing techniques and good content. It could be explained in such a way that if someone in your company  or your content get cited as an information that could be an editorial link

Guest blogging backlinks:  When you think of an alternate way to acquire valuable backlinks, guest posting in one such way. You would be allowed to include an editorial backlink along with your content when you are guest posting in a third party website. Guest blogging backlinks are an easy and reliable way to build trust and authority through publications which have better influence.

Business backlinks: You would have the opportunity of backlinks when you create digital profiles for your brand on business listing sites, social media and review sites. 

Webinar Backlinks: Webinar offers valuable content to the website and could be considered as a valuable resource that encourages backlink. You can repurpose your webinars by posting them as recordings on your website so people can visit and link to them

Freetool backlinks: When you offer a free tool you can get better backlinks to your website by getting more audience. You can create a free version that may be a trial one to attract an audience.  If the tools that we provide are valuable enough, others will link to them in their content and we get a valuable set of visitors.

Acknowledgment backlinks: When a website allows you to mention your website or links in their respective website in response to the sponsorship that can be called as an acknowledgment backlink. Actually they don’t have much content about our brand or their features. They simply mention that this company donated for us and from that we will get backlinks.

Comment backlinks: It’s possible to update genuine comments and get a backlinks from them. You can post a comment in another website and redirect it to your blog. 

Badge backlinks: As the name suggests a branded badge is an award that a brand gives out to other sites which can be considered as a status symbol. This badge helps to better backlinks from the website which could increase the traffic to the website and help us reach needed audiences.

Forum Links:  We might have heard of forums and this could be used to create backlinks. By creating an authentic discussion we can attract an audience and get them redirected to our website. 

Press release backlinks: When your brand is going to announce a project you can make press releases in publications from which you can get backlinks. In this case backlinks could be obtained only according to the interest of the media. 

Why are backlinks Important?

SEO is a field having so many updates currently and new factors which contribute website rankings have got relevance, especially backlinks. When you have to render your websites to search engines like google or bing and need them to reach the exact audience Search Engine Optimization comes into play. They help in passing the  page and domain authority to your site which can help you increase search rankings. Search engines look for verification that they have chosen the right entity to satisfy people who search,  just like we do when we’re making a choice in the real world. 


Search engines can interpret the data in your content and relate it to pages which have relevance. In a way backlinks connect searchers with information that is similar to what is being written on the same topic on other resources. Suppose you have a web page which has content related to yoga. If your content has done backlinking it could be seen to people who are searching for breathing exercise.Search engines like google and bing have their own crawlers to crawl upon a website and we need to be specific about our backlinks. To have  unique and authoritative links is crucial for higher ranking in the SERPs and improving your SEO.

How to get backlinks? 

If you wish to grow your business, backlinks would have a major role in that. A back link could be termed as a signal which shows people are actually interested in your website. Backlinks often connect or redirect your website to another website and from them you will get visitors. If you wish your website to be more authoritative, the more backlinks you need. As the page gets better backlinks it adds value to the website and helps in obtaining better rankings on search engines.The more relevant links from authoritative websites you have, the more trustworthy is your website according to google. The backlinks not only help in SEO but also get better traffic to your website. You can write guest posts in other websites to get backlinks and if you are lucky enough to get better reputed websites the more benefits will be for you. Don’t just leave your backlinks, as you have to monitor them regularly to assess the progress

What are the benefits of backlinking? 

When it comes to the website performance backlinks play an integral part  and it’s important to create a strong backlink portfolio. Getting better backlinks is an important component of off-site SEO. If you get better backlinks that would increase the acceptance of your page.  Backlinks could be time consuming, but are worth it. But what are the advantages of backlinking? Let’s have a look at it.


When the backlinks are coming from high authority websites in your niche, you can develop your brand authority. When your links are coming from a popular and trustworthy website, the visitors will never get doubt in the genuinity and will consider it as an authoritative one. So, they may become regular visitors of your site as well.This trust will make the visitors comfortable as the link is coming from a website with higher google rankings. As the number of visitors coming to your website gradually increases, your website becomes more authoritative and will create trust.

seo backlinks

Building your Brand

Bringing a reputation to your brand has great importance. Having your brand name linked to sites with great content  builds reputation among brands. When they view your brand name or the other company’s anchor name, they will click on that to redirect to your website or they will remember the name and will come back. When you have a branded anchor it could display your name for a huge set of viewers to promote your brand which is an added advantage.

 Referral Traffic

Backlinks could be useful in gaining referral traffic. A person who naturally clicks on a link to find out more about that respective topic to get information. The advantage in this is that only the person interested in that specific subject would click on the link voluntarily. Here the audience are much more targeted and they will be on the page rather than leaving out. This would increase the bounce rate to the website. These links would allow visitors of the site to get transferred to your page, thus increasing the amount of traffic directed your way which may then convert into sales. The traffic comes about since only relevant clientele interested in a product or service in a specific field will click on the links.The added advantage about referral traffic is that it is highly targeted. Just think about how much money is spent on paid search where this is how targeting should be done

backlink traffic

Directory & Resource Links

Data as we say is the new oil in the current digital world. Top resource links and directories will help you in attaining quality traffic from quality links. This will help you in gaining better quality traffic to your website for as long as the link is the internet.  If you are dealing with mobile phones and several directories are available to link to your website, this can enhance the number of visitors to the website, even on a daily basis. There are chances that this may lead to an increase in the number of visitors who may  buy from your website.

Building new relationships

Creating relationships is important no matter what business you are upto. You may think search engines are the only way to attract potential consumers to get in touch with you, whereas that’s not totally true. Backlinks can act as a successful medium for your potential clients to have direct access to interact with markertes just by clicking a link which redirects them to the website. The person who searches might be redirected from another website and when they see the content they would be interested to take a look at it. This will increase the visitors to the website and you follow up the same. They would mind to sign up your newsletter or may be get interested in going through your social media. Some of them may Like your Facebook page and posts or even subscribe to your RSS feed. Through this you have double benefits of getting loyal customers and visitors.


Even if you have better content you won’t get enough visitors if the website is not pointed out. Websites promote your pages to potential clients to get better traffic to it. We must keep in mind that even though you have a great website content, or they may be beneficial, if people don’t get redirected to your website, all others become irrelevant. Backlinks come in at this point, as they direct the audience to your site and thereby promote it.  If you have High-quality websites  that would promote your page or site to a larger set of audience. Social media could be used to promote your website content. Sharing constantly on your social media will attract an audience and could be considered as an important factor in promotion. Even if your website did not come up in website rankings, the traffic will reflect in the sales value. 

Better google crawling

Search engine bots helps in discovering  new webpages by following backlinks from existing webpages. In other words a search engine can be seen as a huge database that contains information about the billions of webpages on the web for serving the needs of a huge set of people. This humongous database has an organized index, that helps to tell the exact location of a page, website or link. When Google’s bots crawl through the websites, they will detect new links on web pages and websites which they add to the index. 

What are tips to keep in mind to get better backlinks?

It’s evident that high quality backlinks are a major piece of Google’s algorithm and they will continue to be, as they can be the prime factor that pushes a website to the top of the search results. Here are few tips to keep in mind for getting better backlinks

  • Enhance your relationships to get better backlinks
  • Create competitive content
  • Take initiative for original study 
  • Write testimonials in catchy websites
  • Do some work in infographics
  • Use the help of guest articles
  • Keep an eye on your competitors
  • Promote your content
  • Understand the power of social media , seek help of influencers


Search engines essentially view each link to your website as a vote of confidence in the quality of your content that you have added. If you have to market your content you should have done proper backlinking or else you won’t get better rankings. Success in link building is the result of good PR work, smart and effective marketing strategies and certainly great content. The backlink quantity is signaled to google sites that have high quality and reputable sources which could help them to keep their position high in rankings. Stay ahead of the competition , build relationships and use the resources properly.