Best Free Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-Followers


Twitter has gained a lot of attention in the past decade by following its unique style for promoting products, services, people and much more. Twitter is generally a simple network but usually works based on the interests and has better reach. The structure is quite promising as it’s made up of your followers and those who are following. When you want to keep your social media alive you must interact with people continuously and try to build your relationship by getting more followers. Twitter being one of the most powerful tools for marketing if used properly. If you want to make effective use of your twitter you must unfollow unwanted profiles and unused accounts. . We often have a lot of people whom we follow but they eventually don’t follow us. When you are going famous people will certainly look at whom you are following. It certainly is a tedious task to unfollow unwanted profiles manually as it would certainly take some time and we don’t exactly know who could be our effective followers. This post raises the importance of twitter unfollow tools. But why should we unfollow people on twitter? Let’s have a look at it.

Why should you unfollow irrelevant people on Twitter?

We all are taught to communicate and build relations to get better reach in social media. Twitter only allows us to follow 2000 accounts so that we should follow people who are relevant. But is that the only reason? Let’s have a look.

  • You can discover more potential on twitter if you unfollow irrelevant people.
  • If you have excess range of following than followers it may lead to lock
  • You can unfollow people who continuously tweet thereby reducing unwanted posts on newsfeed.
  • This will help to build relationship with people who have same interest
  • Unfollowing people who don’t have any kind of interest with your company will help to find people who could be useful for your company.
  • It helps to maintain the limit which twitter allows and helps for better reach.
  • It’s important to unfollow fake accounts which could lead to spam.
  • Unfollow people with different niches and concentrate on accounts with same niche to get better reach

Twitter unfollow Tools To Nnfollow Non Followers

Being a social media that promises a lot, twitter helps in building better relationships especially in business. So it’s better to follow people that have got relevance with your business. But it’s not easy to unfollow Twitter manually. We don’t want futile tweets to un necessarily popup at our newsfeed and a perfect twitter unfollow tool is our best bet. Here we are discussing some of the free twitter unfollow tools that could help you to mass unfollow twitter to create a better social profile. 

1.Circle boom 


Circle boom is a famous and free twitter management tool which is well known for its easy to use search module which helps you to find the right followers. It’s often known as a handy tool which could be used to manage your personal account or the account of your clients. Circle boom monitors your followers for a particular time period and if they are inactive or not in use they would suggest we unfollow the profile. It has a better twitter follower tracker and also tools like follow tools, unfollow tools, RSS feeds module, scheduled posts module, and in-depth analytics. They have a handful of filters that would help you to filter out spammers,fake accounts and inactive accounts. There paid version has better features which has competitive prices

The interesting  feature of circle boom called RSS Tweets enables you to connect your website/blog RSS feed to your twitter account. They have the feature to search on Twitter profiles including bio and tweets for the trends you’re interested in and also Use hashtag/keyword search to find the Twitter accounts that have the same tastes with you.They also have the options of custom listing twitter which allows you to connect with useful accounts, friends and followers.

They have a mobile compatible design which is their prominent feature making it handy to follow and unfollow and to keep tracking on twitter followers.



As the brand tagline says the Tweepi flush out unwanted followers from your list to get a better social media image for you. The tool is actually quite simple where you can sort out the followers and mass unfollow twitter unfollowers or fake accounts. It even shows you the exactly synchronized list of the most current Twitter accounts which helps to unfollow spammers. The option called ‘not following you back’ displays you the list of people whom you are following but they have not followed you back and unfollow bot helps to get rid of these accounts easily. The twitter follower tracker helps to keep an eye on irrelevant and inactive accounts for a period and helps to avoid them from your followers list.


 best free tool for Twitter

Crowd fire app developed by Codigami  best-automated Twitter Unfollow Tools available to unfollow profiles on Twitter, The app earlier had the name of  ‘Just Unfollow Has come back strongly in the new version with more updated features. This automated tool has scintillating features which allows the users to sort followers even based on the dates followed. The other feature allows to black list and white people using twitter unfollow tool.  You can follow people even based on the interests that should be relevant if you are looking to expand your connections in that respective profile. Even though there are so many merits, the drawback of this tool is it’s limit. You can only unfollow 25 people for free/ per day which may sound quite odd. But with a paid version, you would be able to enhance your unfollowers list. 


Best Free Twitter Unfollow Tools

SocialBro could be considered as an all in on tool especially for twitter. The tool provides you the list of users you follow and also displays who are not following you back. Social Bro could be a good option to keep in your toolbox as mere to unfollow features it has also features like audience insights that helps to analyse followers stats. The analyse competitor feature helps to track the progress of your competitor to help you make changes and bring out strategies for perfect growth. If a team is managing the twitter the collaborators features helps to give access according to their specific duties which is definitely a better feature. You can assign the roles and keep tracking of the progress. The free plan comes with analytics, best time to tweet, follow/unfollow tools, and community segmentation where the paid version has more advanced features.


Best Free Twitter Unfollow Tools

ManageFlitter is a reputed tool and will be on every list if you check for unfollow twitter tools. The tool is well known to unfollow Twitter users based on their activities and clean up your profile. It can help to find out your followers everyday and keep unfollowing them. Manage filler has this amazing feature of managing multiple twitter accounts simultaneously and this could be useful for you if you are managing twitter accounts of multiple clients. The twitter unfollow tool allows you to keep your account hassle free and only allows relevant tweets on your timeline. The tool allows you to sort out according to the last tweet, follower count, location, language and whether or not they follow you back. 

The drawback when it comes to this is that you can only unfollow 100 accounts a day. But they give the provision of 200/ day if you follow them on twitter and 300/ day if you subscribe to the newsletter. They have a paid version for $12 for getting up to unfollowing 2000 accounts per day. 



Iunfollow is a simple and effective tool which allows you to unfollow twitter accounts with just a tap. If you have to manage your personal account for free this is just the perfect tool for you. You can simply login into the tool with your twitter account. Then you can see a list of your followers and the tool will filter out those who are unfollowing you and whoosh you can just unfollow them simply. The tool can be used to unfollow 50 accounts per day which is okay for a free tool. They have additional features in the paid versions including fan tracking for followers.

7.Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow is a user friendly tool which has the features of twitter follower tracker, multiple account management and much more. They have this updated sorting and filtering feature to find the accounts you want to follow most and dump the accounts you do. The tool is actually plain which makes it easy to navigate. You don’t need to create an account to use this tool whereas you can do it by just logging with your twitter credentials. The tool has also the feature of giving you a csv file from which you can sort out your followers and those whom you follow. This helps in finding  out who’s not following you back, who you’re not following back, and who reciprocates your follow.

8.Unfollower stats

Unfollower stats

 Majority of the twitter unfollowing tools have the same procedures and working when compared to each other. The unfollower stats also have the same procedures but mainly focus on two points. It helps to unfollow people who don’t follow you and will give you an overall statistics to understand the changes and progress happening in your twitter account.  The statistics are supported with awesome graphs to see your ups and downs easily. The toll is quite handy and works in every device alike. It has a user friendly dashboard which helps to view followed accounts, muted accounts,blocked accounts in one panel which helps in making the usage easy. You can discover inactive or egghead accounts and manage accounts that you don’t want to see in non followers or fans lists.



Statusbrew is considered as one of the straightforward apps to manage twitter accounts. It’s an overall social media managing tool. It was earlier known as ‘unfollowers’ which could be used to manage other social media including instagram,facebook etc. The tool has an effective dashboard and better tools. The tool only can unfollow 100 accounts daily on free versions like the crowdfire. Status brew can bring together all the  social conversations in a single inbox to collaborate and provide real-time, personal, and automated support at scale It also helps in scheduling the content and real time publishing also. You can assign your team members and give them roles to manage the media to analyse the work flow.




Tweetfull is a twitter engagement tool which helps to bring more attention to your twitter profile. In this tool you can set parameters on the type of accounts you want to follow. They have a unique feature like you can unfollow a person who has below a typical number of followers. In addition to the twitter follower tracker it helps to refine accounts based on the tweets they make. Tweetfull also has the feature of auto liking and retweeting on behalf of you.This could help in attracting people who are having the same interests as you and thereby building relationships. If you are on to brand building and have a team to manage your account this is a better tool. They also provide you filters according to the Age group which allows you to get involved in more people specifically if you are looking for business opportunities.


Basically at the initial stages we will be in a rush to follow people which ideally is not useful for us in the later phase. Now we have tools that help you to unfollow irrelevant accounts on twitter to build a reputed account. Twitter unfollowing is a wise decision as you may have to deal with spam accounts a lot. Inorder to be genuine it’s important to analyse whom do you follow.  Even though you have automated tools for twitter unfollowing you should check occasionally to verify the tools are doing the work properly rather than completely forgetting about it. Always keep scope for new and relevant people.